The reporting of mental health and suicide by the media

A practical guide for journalists

The NUJ promotes responsible reporting of mental health and suicide by the media.


A practical guide on sensitive reporting of issues, maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards, has been produced by the NUJ's Scottish office, for use by the media, with the support of the media.


The guide includes a first person account by a journalist of his experiences of mental illness, making it clear it is certainly NOT something to be ashamed of.


It addresses responsible reporting of mental health and suicide and highlights basic issues often overlooked, such as basic use of terminology. and provides guidance on what not to do, such as detailing methods of suicide, and providing inappropriate website addresses.



The guide also provides information about support for people suffering from mental health issues, and encourages the media to publish details of helplines at the end of articles on that subject.


The NUJ actively promotes the need for responsible reporting to journalists and aspiring journalists at newsrooms, universities and colleges throughout Scotland.


Click the link opposite to download the guide in full. Please be patient as the pdf takes a few moments to download.